In September 1990 the idea of a cardiac support group was first conceived by members of staff who were working on the cardiac rehabilitation programme at the City Hospital Nottingham. Tracey Riley was a staff nurse working in the Coronary Care Unit and on the cardiac rehabilitation programme which was in its infancy at that time. Tracey, along with Judy Briggs who was the Occupational Therapy Manager at the City Hospital, were the people who not only helped to set up the cardiac rehabilitation programme at the hospital but also saw the potential of forming a self help group. 

It was with this in mind that Tracey contacted four patients who had previously been on the cardiac rehabilitation course, at the City Hospital in Nottingham. also members of the self help team in Nottingham were invited to a meeting of all the parties concerned. It was agreed with these four patients that a self help group would be beneficial to patients who were recovering from heart problems. It was from these small beginnings that The Cardiac Support Group Nottingham was born.

After several meetings a plan of action was formulated and the first official meeting took place in February 1991. This meeting was held in the occupational therapy department located at the City hospital. However after a couple of years the group had outgrown these premises and it was at this time we moved to our present venue at the Sherwood Hall.

The Objective 

The basic object of the Cardiac Support Group is to boost the morale of both patient and their family by providing support, guidance and advice so that together, they can face the future with confidence and understanding. 

The Aims:

·Establish and maintain contact with patients who have heart problems, and their families.
·Offer mutual support.
·Provide on going advice and guidance from professional speakers at monthly meetings.
·Arrange social events.
·Support cardiac rehabilitation programmes for the benefit of cardiac patients.
·Make donations or contributions toward the cost of special items of equipment etc, for the cardiac units of the main Nottingham hospitals.