You & Your Heart

Heart Conditions

The heart is a complicated organ which is vital for life.  If it is not functioning correctly it can produce symptoms that affect our everyday lives.  In some cases it can cause serious illness.
If you are a patient, undergoing investigations, or a carer, it can significantly help how you cope if you have a better understanding of what it is that is wrong. Also what the Doctors can do to help you out.  As we often say to those we speak with, it is as much about your mind as your heart.

Over the next pages (listed to the right), we briefly describe those conditions and what to may mean to you.  It is no replacement for a conversation with your medical team but is a good place to start. 

We have not covered every possible condition, but if you have a suggestion for one to be added please let us know and we will do what we can to add the information.  What we present is a curation of what can be found around the internet, brought together in one simple and easy to access resource.

We hope it helps.