Our Support Group

We are a patients and carers group, run organised by patients and carers. A true peer to peer support group.


As you will see from reading the website, the group is established to help those impacted by heart disease of any type. Whether newly diagnosed, receiving treatment or recently discharged the group is here to offer support to you, your family and carers. All of our members have lived experience of heart problems, dealing with them and the surrounding issues. All in all we must have over a century of working knowledge behind us.

Many people get comfort in sharing their experiences with others who know or understand and may be able to move on to experience the even greater satisfaction of being able to help another patient who is going though similar experiences with a few words of wisdom and support. Small actions often pay huge rewards for everyone involved.

This introduction has been written in the middle of the restrictions COVID-19 has brought about. We therefore are unable to offer our usual Monthly meetings where we were able to gather together and where new members could talk through their situation or their specific questions with us. However, we have invested in technology and have a monthly ZOOM meeting of those members who can attend online which goes someway to replacing what we have temporarily lost.

To service new or prospective members, or those just wishing to talk things through, we are offering online opportunities to meet in a small group with two or three of our members which makes a comfortable and safe place to talk. To access this you can either telephone the secretary or email Roland the organiser on development@heartsupport.co.uk. You can be assured of a warm welcome.

For those more interested in giving back we are also in the middle of discussions as to how to take the group forward in COVID and beyond. To those patients who are ready it is a great way to recognise the community which now surrounds you and to offer those who follow, or may need some assistance the benefit of some of your time and support. The sense of satisfaction this can bring cannot be described and it puts your condition firmly into perspective.

I hope if you have read this far you may well be thinking of reaching out to us to find out more. The words on this web site will help but they cannot be replaced by having a conversation with one of our Trustees to see what the group can do for you, or what you can do for the group.

I hope we can talk soon.